Sean Tak
Sean Tak

about me

hi i'm Sean and i am an intimate wedding photographer.

about me hmmmmmmm...
i'm a hopeless romantic. i love clichΓ¨ moments, cheesy lines and hand written notes, gifts and flowers should be given without any special occasion, breakfast in bed on a lazy sunday shouldn't be a once a year thing and dancing together should be a bi-weekly ritual. i still listen to Frank Sinatra and Elvis is still King to my ears. 

i picked up my first camera about five years ago. before then i had a different train of thought, i wasn't into photography and always felt that taking photos ruined being in the moment. i figured "if it was special i'll remember it and hold it dear in my heart" but like most things memories fade and i regret not taking photos during my teen years. and that's pretty much how i fell in love with photography, it's a gateway to our past, when we're grey and old we'll still be young and happy in our photographs.