Lucky Penny, lucky love

Emily & Kenny

Through being the hosts, the decorators, the organisers, greeting all the guests, taking selfies with everyone and being the very life of the party at your function, you two kept it all together. You didn't let the stress of it all overwhelm you, and instead leaned on each other for support. You made it look so effortless - marriage life is going to be a piece of cake for you two. I don't usually blog event photography but your engagement party was absolutely amazing so i couldn't help myself.
                                                                                   Having the chance to sneak away from the hustle and bustle of the party and running to our little sanctuary in the dining room for the mini-session was a magical moment. It gave me such loving insight into your relationship. The way you two talk to each other, the way Kenny makes you laugh, and Emily the way you look at Kenny, everything, just everything about you two is perfect.

I would wish you all the happiness in the world but you two already have that. Instead I'll wish for all your stuff animals to come alive to share that joy. Never forget that story, even when you're grey and old, hold onto those toys dearly.

always use fairy lights to make magical photos!!


Hair Stylist: TiedByTammy
Venue: Lucky Penny