Sean Tak
Sean Tak

My day starts when your day starts and ends right around the time your feet begins to ache from dancing. I don't believe in charging by the hour nor by the photo. I find that each moment is just as momentous as the next one, and each has their own important part to tell in your story.

If you're looking for someone that will rock up with a fancy camera and set up fancy lights to create fancy posed photos then I'm probably not the right person for you.

It's just not what I'm about as a photographer, 
I'm about capturing everything that makes you, you. All your laughs. All your smiles. Your tears, all your quirks and fears, all the sarcasm and jokes you make, the stories you hold dear, those are the emotions I strive for when taking photos. I'm not one for the 'okay smile at the camera please', I'm more for asking 'why do you love?' then capturing those moments. I want to know understand the history behind you and your partner, how did you meet, when did you fall in love, do you remember how you felt the first time you kissed, how you've grown through the relationship, every thing that makes your love unique.

I'm an intimate wedding photographer and those are the moments I strive to capture.

If I sound like the type of wedding photographer you want, perfect! grab your hiking shoes because we're going on an adventure!
There's nothing more I love than to go exploring with couples, the thrill of traversing outside our comfort zone always makes the best photos. Let's get our shoes muddy, our hair messy and flowing with the wind, lets hunt for the perfect sunset, climb the biggest hills, hop a fence or two. Let's create the perfect messy moments.







weddings $1500

elopements $800

engagement shoot $400

albums* $800

Tell me everything about you and your love!