Sean Tak
Sean Tak

How I work

If you're looking for someone that can rock up with a big camera and take all the posed photos you want then I'm probably not the right person for you.
I'm not a fancy guy and I don't like artificial photos, the blinding fake lights, the forced smiles, it's just not me.

I don't take photos for the sake of just taking photos, it's not a checklist game for me.
I take photographs in the hope of creating art, the type of art that clients would be proud of to hang on their wall.
You'll probably see me frolicking around, hiding in the bushes during, rolling in the grass, holding pieces of broken glass in front of my camera.
All the things that make you think "... what's wrong with our photographer?".
But trust me, everything I do, all the movement that I make and all that I ask you to do, I do to create art.

I'm an art wedding photographer and those are the photos I strive to capture.

If I sound like your type of wedding photographer you want, perfect! Grab your shoes because we're going on an adventure!
There's nothing more I love than to go exploring with couples, the thrill of traversing outside our comfort zone always makes the best photos. Let's get our shoes muddy, let our hair flow with the wind, lets hunt for the perfect sunset, climb the biggest hills, hop a fence or two. Let's create the perfect messy moments.





weddings starts at 2000

elopements 1500

engagement shoot 450

albums starts at 800

Tell me everything about you and your love!