ajay&jennie intimate session


Every now and then i encounter couples that are so madly in love that it makes the shoot not feel like work at all. some people over worry about how to pose or how they look and i would have to help guide them and ease their anxiety but not with you two, all the smiles, all the laughs, the hugs and kisses everything happened so organically.

It amazes me that you two have been together for eight years, literally a third of your life have been with each other and i love that. I love that you remember everything about each other, how you first met, the hair styles you've had, the stories you kept throughout the year. you grew up together, matured with one another.
I understand now Jenny, why you didn't have an answer when i asked 'why you love Ajay', because if i were asked that question about my soulmate, i wouldn't know too, there are no words to why, just a smile and a feeling.

I can't wait to see what the next eight years has installed for you two!