christopher&lauren wedding

Christopher & Lauren

perks of marrying Christopher: tall, lead singer of his band, plays the guitar, owns a boat, is a cardiac radiographer (what a job title).
perks of marrying Lauren; everything about her.

i could tell from the way you two looked at each other during the 'first glance' that you two had something special.
some couples coast through their relationship waiting for the right time to get married - and there's nothing wrong with that - you just know when you know, you know? but for you two that feeling came fast, you just knew that you were right for each other.

having spent the whole day with Christopher, Lauren i can tell you that you have married the perfect man and seeing him tear up while reading his vows to you shows exactly the type of person you married, someone that isn't afraid to show their emotion, and that's honesty and its truest.

i wish you two nothing but my warmest wishes.


photographer: Jessica Abby Photography
second shooter: Sean Tak
First Look: Williamstown Botanic Garden
Ceremony&Reception: Sandringham Yacht Club