braeside park couples shoot

michael & thao

it's funny how fate works.
you both are two of my oldest friends, we've known each other since primary school almost to two decades ago,
and seventeen years later who would have guessed this is where we'd all be now.

some people spend their entire life searching for love, meeting new people, going on tinder dates, trying to find something that just simple isn't there and the reality is sometimes the thing they having been yearning so deeply had always been right in front of them.
that's why i love your story. you found love within each other,
you didn't keep searching for something that was fleeting but realised what you wanted had always been beside you.
and best part is you didn't have to go through that awkward ''getting to know each other' phase, you already knew each other's qualities
and everything you learnt afterwards only amplified your feeling for one another.
from strangers to friends, now lovers and more. i wish you both the best mr and miss Le.

it's funny how fate works.