Sean Tak




“grab your boots it might get muddy.
grab your jacket it may rain.
let loose your hair let the winds howl.
we’re running wild
our adventure begins now.”


What I’m about

I'm all about being adventurous and having fun with my couples. I don’t really do the stiff glamorous poses with the big studio lights and the fancy Photoshop. I’m not about that life. I’m about movement and running and dancing and hugs and kisses and just everything that makes you you. All your smiles and laughter, your tears, your awkwardness and quirks, those are all the things I strive to capture. I’ll give little directions here and there to help you out but for the most part I want you guys to figure out it and there’ll be happy mistakes and hilarious outtakes but those unscripted moments is what I love.


Hi, I’m Sean

And I’m so friggin stoked that you’re here! Well this is me, just your friendly neighbourhood photographer, and for someone who loves photography I have little to no photos of myself. Always been the one taking the photos, never the one in them :( . BUT I am in a good handful of Polaroids so there’s that!

I am 26 years old, I’ve looked 26 since I was 16 and now hoping I’ll still look the same when I'm 36. I am Cambodian/Australian but more Australian than I am Cambodian. I love Korean BBQ! I'm always down for late-night kebabs, and at the moment I'm on the hunt for some great Mexican food so if you know a place hit. me. UPPPP!

Upon meeting me you’ll quickly find that I’m just a chilled out wholesome type of guy or at least I like to think I am. It’s probably from growing up watching Disney films. Home-made travel videos, film cameras, choppy Super 8 footage I love all that nostalgic stuff. And as cliche’ and cheesy as it sounds I love sunsets. Infatuated by it. I try to make any adventure I have to include time to watch the sky burn to that beautiful orange, throw in some soft clouds into the mix and you got me lost in awe for a good 10-15 minutes.

I also love memes and GIFs if we can have our whole conversation entirely out of memes and GIFs I already love you, you’ve sold me and obviously a person of culture.