We’re super awkward in front of the camera, will that be a problem?


99% of all my couples says this to me! So don't worry you're not the only ‘awkward’ people in this world and shooting with me is more about us having fun and getting to know each other more than it is setting up that perfect pose. I tell my couples as long as you're madly in love and trust me then the photos will turn out amazing, and it hasn't failed once.


What is it like working with you?


You're not just getting a wedding photographer with me. You’re also getting a mini-wedding planner, wedding-day usher, veil carry-er, dance partner, hype man, light consultant and anything else I can help with. I enjoy to be part of the planning process that way I can advice on timing, lighting, location, things to prepare before the wedding, anything you need help on really, that way on your wedding day all you have to do is enjoy your wedding!


How many photos do you give?


I don’t really have an amount to tell you. It’s not a numbers game to me, it’s about feeling and connection to the photo. I don’t hold back photos though. Whatever I feel is an amazing photo and adds to the story I will deliver.


Do you make GIFs of all your work?


It really depends on the kind of day. GIFs are a different medium and require a different creative thought process and preparation with a bit more planning. You might get lucky and I do send you one or two because the setting is perfect for a GIF but really depends on the day. Just have a chat for me and I can explain more in-depth what goes into making a GIF story.


How about Polaroids and film?


I love shooting with my Polaroid and film camera! I try to bring one or the other to all my sessions and play around with it. They’re more gifts than they are staples in the wedding collection though. If you’re feeling adventurous and want more Polaroids and film I definitely can do that for you.


When will we receive our photos?


Wedding photos should be no later than 6 weeks after your wedding. Engagements and other shoots should be done in a week of the shoot.


Where are you based?


I’m from the South-Eastern side of Melbourne but I’m happy to travel where I need to be. Long drives while singing to Disney songs is my mantra.


Do you travel internationally?


Hell yeah!! My end goal is to become a destination photographer so hit me up with your goals is to have a wedding overseas and we’ll work it out!


I have more questions!


I’m all ears! I’ll be more than happy to answer anything and everything else.