R.J. Hamer Arboretum Proposal

kevin & bizhi

Kevin, we spent one whole month planning this surprise proposal, held secret meetings, sent private messages, played dumb with Bizhi and despite all that meticulous planning, we forgot which hand to put the ring on! it was hilarious when Bizhi started laughing - "wrong hand, Kevin wrong hand! hahaha Kevin put the ring on the wrong hand". don't be embarrassed of that nor forget that memory, it's those imperfect moments that make the story, it humanised the whole situation, the nervousness, the excitement, the laughter that came afterwards. had that been me i would have probably froze at the most crucial moment.

i had the most amazing time with you two and listening to the history of your relationship brought me back to what high school love was like. sending corny messages to one another on MSN with those ridiculous ._|.<(+_+)>.|_. ѕєαи тαк ._|.<(+_+)>.|_. name handles, going on quiet dates at the park, walking each other home and then worrying about whether the other made it home safely. such sweet, innocent love. i want to thank you so much for letting me share this special moment with you two, and wish you two nothing but the best.