young love


Anna + David

"I would have never met him if I hadn't visited the market that day in Vietnam 4 years ago"

"I first saw her at a market, she wore a blue dress and was the tallest, most beautiful girl there"

I have never met someone as wholesome as you Anna, the way you speak, the excitement in your voice, the way your eyes light up when you're telling a story. And yet even through all that confidence and all that courage you still blush and giggle uncontrollably when David kisses you. Pure innocence. That's how I would describe you.
                    You know how sometimes you can tell a person's character just be looking into their eyes? That clichΓ¨ saying holds true to you David. You have the most piercing, honest eyes I have ever photographed. I'm guessing you're the rock in the relationship, the one that says 'we'll be okay, we'll figure this out'. The one that doesn't give up, no matter how long you had to wait for Anna.